Adventure, I Miss You.

There are so many tangible ways to make up for the restrictions that prevent us from doing the things that we want. How do we grasp the concept of the word no?


How do we gain closure from loss?

We seek.

It is time to re-invent what travels is and means to us. To tread more lightly and appreciate more. To think our steps with respect for time and space.

We may revel in our past experiences and treasure those special moments. That breathtaking sunset, in a boat floating flawlessly… as a pair of swan lift in triumph in the lightest of air above your head.

Let us revisit our summer, which I have so selfishly neglected to share with you all here. I admit, I chose to save it for a rainy day and now that time has come. Autumn is an inspiring time of change. I wish and hope for peace, love and the ability for humans to be understanding. Accepting of imperfection.

Last spring we worked hard to repair water damage in our camper, knowing that it was our best and only option in travel for the coming season. Looking back, we are grateful for the plan-not-so-plan we set off with. June became July finally and we took our longest trip yet, with kayaks and bicycles packed around us.

The Swedish High Coast was a dreamy adventure talked about in books and travel sites. Cliffs along the Baltic Sea, lapped with frothy waves and bird sanctuaries visited by over 15,000 bird species per year.

We needed to see this and experience it. For 10 days, 5 campsites, endless beaches, lakes, rivers and sunsets we could not get enough. I want to take the time to tell a story of each destination as we experienced it, as a stop on the road in a pandemic.

It was not the horror film we have seen repeated on a Saturday cable channel. Just people being people, sharing a smile and a step back in the line for the bathroom. Hospitality and friendliness are in need.

I hope that you are reading this and that a similar story comes to mind. If so, please leave a note so that we can also follow your journey. This reading and sharing should become our medicine.

I don’t hate 2020. It has been a historical year like no other. I am grateful to still be here, when others have been so sadly taken from us.

Let us be empathetic this week. What can I do for you?


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