Why Any Outdoor Adventure in Sweden is Perfect

I hope the summer of 2020 finds you well. I have lots of new experiences to share from our camping adventures this year. We have continued to travel and camp, keeping with the social distancing of the new normal and seeking the solace of nature instead of crowded tourist spots.

As the summer comes to a close, I think about how grateful I am for the community that I live in, that allows me to adventure right in my backyard.

On our friend’s amazing float in Björke, Igelfors, Sweden

Sweden has reacted to the pandemic in a serious and controlled fashion. They have been criticized by countries that look to place blame or direct the fear elsewhere. There are few words to explain the experience here.

No masks – we self quarantine. We also look for ways of avoiding groups of people we don’t know – ordering groceries online and canceling parties at the office. We still wash our hands obbsessively, but we treat ourselves well.

In this private culture, we become accustomed to the nature of the land. The worshipping of nature. Many people here enjoy life slowed down.

Imagine stepping back in time, for the months of July and August in the lush green forests. Fields of wildflowers as far as the eye can see.

A small community sparsely populated with tiny vacation cottages. It is acceptable to not have running water and use composting toilets.

A cute summer fishing village by the sea.

Islands and trails that allow travel only by bicycle or on foot.

Foraging for food and cooking by open fire on the trail is a pastime. Groups of sunbathers dive from rocks in the archipelago or along the Baltic Sea.

Seaside sunning!

Gathering on a porch or tent with friends to sing traditional songs and share the joys of life, is a reminder of how precious time really is. We trust each other and our ability to be honest about how we feel and how we can help and take care of each other.

This is the life I have always dreamed of, though it is not my home country it still feels like I am home.

I love writing stories and sharing with you, so I thank you for following my journey. If you are dreaming of doing more – please share your experiences with me and others.

I believe when you fulfill yourself with your heart and soul’s desires – the universe will follow too.