How To Beat The Quarantine Blues Part 2: Explore Somewhere New

Lately, it feels like we got suspended from school. Sent home to sit and think about why you were naughty. Except we are stuck there. For an indefinite pause.

If you are at a loss to plan your next steps – I am with you. Getting outside makes you feel more alive inside and out. 

This pandemic has a strange effect on other people’s reactions and behaviour. You find yourself more conscious of who is around you, but extra friendly because you are so happy to see a face in person. Of course, social – distancing is easiest when you are outdoors.

I see a lot of people sharing their old posts, vacation pics and dreaming about that next adventure.

We wanted to continue with our exploring, and give you some inspiration.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Pick somewhere new. Using google and maps, we just choose an area and type ‘nature reserve near me’ or ‘nature trail near me’.
  • Choose a less populated location – try the thickly settled forest you viewed from your window seat on your train ride to work or choose a place you don’t usually visit. Use your imagination.

We searched the local google map for trails and nature reserves in the area.

Glotternskogen (Lake Glottern + skogen = woods) popped up.  It looked like a maze of trails along one side of Lake Glottern, with miles of varied altitude and terrain.

This forest is north of Norrköping in Åby off the main highway, where you drive about 2-3km into the woods to reach the marked trails.

Glotternledning (Glottern trail)

The sun was barely shining through the trees when we parked on the dirt road near what looked like the main trail entrance. There were a few cars nearby and a couple further up the trail.

Social-distancing achieved.

It was about 15 degrees C (59F) when we started out at 3 p.m.

We followed a mini trail along the water and eventually started deeper into the trees.

Lake Glottern

We saw a lot of turned earth, which means these woods are full of wild boar.  Luckily, they are night hunters.  Imagine coming face-to-face with one of these ugly dudes.

(Just for a laugh – I am not a hunter, but I found this newsworthy link!)—want-wild-boar-meat-on-the-school-menu-.H1PnVCreU.html

Moss grew everywhere like a carpet of green cushion.

The windstorms have been rough as of late, so there are thousands of strange looking bent and broken trees. 

The hiking trails climbed high up into the rocky cliffs and getting down was sort of steep. We climbed up over and down embankments and tree trunks blocking the trail.

hold your breath!

At one point I looked at the steep hill to my left and there was a gigantic rock, just poised on another, ready to roll down and splatter us on the trail.

I took a ton of photos, though they don’t all capture the depth and character of this place. I almost wanted to turn these photos into 3-D relief shots, but I would rather spend time writing to you.

Weight of the world…

This place never gets boring.

Sweden, you are a whole new world!

We didn’t carry a lot on this hike, but here were the crucial items to protect us against unexpected weather and getting lost.

  • GPS on phone + naturkartan map- check
  • Pack with snacks and water
  • Clothing – layers are a great rule – breathable, but able to retain temp.  In this weather, I only needed a base layer and a light jacket.
    • All fabrics should be less than 60% cotton – synthetic fibers are best, as they dry quickly when wet and allow your skin to breathe better.
  • Shoes:  When hiking in the forest, I find that wearing a shoe that can function in multiple terrains works well –
    • Hiking sneakers or trail runners with a low ankle are my favourites (I tend to bounce around or sprint short distances), they should be waterproof, with a thicker sole, but bendable with traction for better grip.

When this is all over, I hope you still have Sweden on your list to explore!

See you next time!


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