Adventures in Dalarna, Sweden

Welcome back! We did so many exciting things on our Dalarna road trip, I just had to tell you more.

Orsa is in the northern part of Dalarna at the top of Lake Orsa.  The roads around Orsa are at a higher altitude, so the view of rolling hills towards the lake are full of thick forests and wide open green fields.


The town itself is small, with a scattering of shops and restaurants and a really fun local music store. There aren’t many stores like Hellzephyr Musik left in the world and this one is owned by a couple of local guys who have a been part of the local music scene for many years.

Check out their facebook page for more info:


Orsa Yran is when the community shows it’s charm, celebrating music and friends.

The streets are full of walking acoustic musicians – guitarists, fiddlers, singers, percussionists, violinists and accordian players and anyone else that wants to join in or register to play on their site, beforehand.

Local businesses open their doors for different activities, food and drinks and as you stroll around the streets, you see groups gathered in summer celebration.

We stopped to listen to Al Capone’s Sisters – a fun group of female singers and guitar players (with one guy backing on guitar) that play humorous Swedish folk songs.


orsa yran Al capones sisters20190717_201225orsa yran fun20190717_21571320190718_112829

We heard lots of traditional Swedish folk tunes, some Elvis and 1950’s tunes along with many different renditions of Proud Mary!  I borroweed a guitar from a cool cat named Kamel and joined in the jam at the end of the night.

If you are a music fan, I highly redommend you visit Orsa for this event.  TA lot of people I spoke with a couple of people who had grown up here and moved away, but they come back every year to take part.  Every Wednesday night in July.                           


Helvete fället is another beautiful waterfall with a walking bridge over the rapids.  The hiking here was much steeper and slippery, but well worth it for the fabulous view.

Here, we found a boulder alongside the river and stopped for a fika (Swedish coffee break).

I was I was pumped to just kick off my shoes and barefoot boulder near the rapids. A bit of adrenaline kick, as one slip could send me head first into danger.

I would have loved to pitch a tent somewhere alongside the river and camp here.  After taking it all in, we were ready  for the hike back up.  It is the breathing that gets you – it is important to take your time.  Of course, I just had to run up the last 50 meters…

It was a the highlight of our trip, despite all of the people there in the afternoon – it is probably better to come earlier in the day.


Helvete fället

On our way back, we drove out to Orsa Grönklitt – next December through April this place will be covered with white stuff and lots of people lined up for that downhill experience (see the photo at the top of this post).  Right now, it’s just a sunny ski lodge with an empty parking lot.

grönklitt restaurant

Orsa Rovdjurspark is an enclosed conservation park for endangered predatory animals.  We took a seat on the sofa on the porch overlooking the cliff and the park (back left in above photo).


As we sipped our beers, we were surprised by a tiger peeking through the fence –  I guess the fish & chips smelled as delicious as it tasted.


Orsa Rovdjurspark



We paddled down the narrower part of the river on our last day in Orsawhich was a completely different experience than our first trek (see previous post – More Mini Adventures in Dalarna, Sweden) 

Both sides were very shallow and calm and the river’s surface was a mirror to the sky.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died and I missed taking photos of the indigo dragonflies that danced around us. 

We explored both waterways at the split – one ending in a shallow rocky nook where I was able to step out of my boat easily.  We also took a second waterway, which led to the dam.  That explained why the it was so shallow. 

Paddling through the rich red iron colored water, we passed a beaver swimming right by us! 

I love the surprising moments you can have when you let nature guide you and take control.  



After a whole week, we were exhausted!

What an amazing trip for only 300kr ($30 US) per night.  Camping in Sweden rocks!

Come back for more info. and tips on adventuring in Sweden.  See you soon…