Ågelsjön Kayak Adventure

7.Agelsjon kayak 7.16 8.Agelsjon kayak 7.16 4.Agelsjon kayak 7.16Today we decided to explore Ågelsjön, a small lake in Norrköping in Östergötland county.  It is also known as a popular Swedish hiking and climbing site, with some of the smoothest and largest rock surfaces around.

Following a winding road into the rocky nook, Ante and I looked for an entrance to launch with our new kayaks mounted on the truck.  We found a trail that led to a low spot on shore to launch at about 12 p.m.  Though the road was a bit narrow to drive and turn around, we backed down so that we didn’t need to carry our kayaks so far. They are a bit heavy, so it’s better to save your strength for paddling. You never know where you will end up!

Slightly rocky, the water was a dark, shadowy chocolate color due to the iron richness. The wind was light on our backs, pushing us to the center of the lake. In this case, we were as safe as can be with only the possible threat of light rain.  We found Ågelsjön to be a great place for beginner boaters – we only passed a rowboat with a motor, which was not a threat. Despite the numerous blonde sunbathers scattering the shore, it was eerily calm and quiet.

Imagine paddling among high waves lapping at the top of your short kayak as your heart starts to race.  The quickest turn or panic could tip a weightless boat in a second and you find your breath and focus quickly.  Keeping hold of the paddle helps to balance as you settle into it.  That is more common here with larger more open lakes, but Ågelsjön is surrounded by high rocks and forests. It is important to be ready for high waves due to wind or unsteady currents, as they can surprise you quite suddenly.

We paused and ate our lunch on a rock that jutted out between two islands at the center of the lake.  A family of ducks were our only company, though we felt as if we were intruding by just being there. It felt good to be camouflaged by nature, rather than a wild adrenaline rush.

After a 3 hour paddling workout, we traveled almost 6 km around the outskirts and returned to shore just as the rain clouds grouped together above us.

I hope I have inspired you to get outside and find happiness in what nature has to offer this weekend.

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On the road of happiness with no detours!

Some of us have a sense of adventure from the day we are born.  Nurturing that instinct is all about freedom – from time and responsibilities.

It has taken me 44 years to figure out I was in the process all along.  I have purged my life – eliminated my debts, sold my car and my house and moved to Sweden.

Follow me as I share my new explorations in the beautiful countryside of Sweden, with miles of farms and fields of wildflowers.  Water surrounds much of the country and I will be on the search for the best hidden and non-tourist spots to share with you.

My goal is to squeeze 12 gallons of fun out of every day and hopefully inspire others to do so in return.